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Introduction Peru vacation packages for a wide range of age groups and clients from different backgrounds and interests, such as young single adventurer meant early retirement. If this is your first of many future family trips Peru, you can decide to take a different route in your Peru tour. Historical sites of interest may come later as your family grows older. For now, why not focus more on some of the places the interests and abilities of the younger members of your family? Peru in the north roads in Peru are not the most comfortable means of travel, although they are improving. However, air travel is comfortable and makes short work of the vast distances, from which the country Peru. There are flights from Lima to the north of Peru, which run every day so, although the far north of Peru, appear to be fairly isolated, it is remarkably accessible and it is also worthwhile in your Peru travel package when you can. Shrimp farms and sandy beaches of northern Peru, near the border with Ecuador, increases in the course of the Tumbes River, where the beaches are sandy and white as sugar. The banks of the river Tumbes lined with shrimp farms. Although this Peru holiday is probably the first of many Peru family holiday, you can not re-visit this area of Peru again there are so many other things to look elsewhere. HuacaRajada Although your young children will no doubt be more than happy to spend every day of your holiday in Peru on the beach, even here there are historical events and artifacts associated with them. The grave of the Se? De or SIP? N, which can in AD 400, so be visited at HuacaRajada. Although not much is known about his reign, he was buried with many priceless treasures. When you visit the bridge? Ning Museum in nearby Lambayeque can see some of these treasures. Peru Adventure Travel Book Even if you have family trips Peru is no reason why you can not take more than one site for your holiday in Peru. If your vacation package through the Peru adventure specialist travel company, Enigma is tour operator, you are in a better position to get the best adventures in Peru are to take your vacation. Course will develop your Peru tours, such as your children grow. Nevertheless Enigma would tour more than happy to apply their considerable experience finding a suitable route so that the children take in your family the best of your advantage Peru vacation.

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